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Fireview Wood/Gas or Propane Combination Cookstove New!





ELMIRA, Canada (April 2010) – Elmira Stove Works offers distinctive, superior quality appliances with its innovative line of Fireview cookstoves. The Fireview is the only wood-burning cookstove to offer a full complement of features, including its trademark Fireview viewing door, high-efficiency burn with secondary air, glass-wash, antique or country styling and optional propane side burners.

"We at Elmira have great confidence in the future of renewable energy, and we think this is an excellent time for us to introduce our Fireview cookstoves to a growing market of consumers," says Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works. "We tend to think of modern appliances as having all of the great multi-tasking features, but it is difficult to beat a traditional wood-burning cookstove for a unique design aesthetic, versatility and great flavor!"

Elmira offers the Fireview in three models, including a 36 inch wood-burning Model 1840, 48 inch Model 1842-0 with a second warmer on the right and a work surface above, and 48 inch Model 1842-G with second warmer and two 11,000 BTU gas or propane burners on the right side.

Intended primarily for the cottage, camp and second home market, the Fireview also serves as a highly functional main stove for environmentally conscious customers moving "off grid" or wishing to reduce their dependence on mainstream utilities. Even the electronic igniters for the gas or propane burners run off a single nine volt battery with no need for hard wiring. The propane burners can be fueled by a barbecue tank piped into the room from behind the stove. With the environment in mind, the one appliance can serve as a high output room heater, a cooking appliance, a recreational fire viewing stove and a source of hot water. The Fireview has an optional hot water "jacket" that will produce up to twelve gallons of hot water per hour.

The Fireview door, originally included for aesthetic reasons, also allows the owner to easily monitor the fire without opening the door or losing heat. A unique "glass wash" system helps to keep soot and smoke off of the glass. A large 1.5 cubic foot firebox, combined with the efficiency of the stove, can produce 30,000 to 60,000 BTU’s of heat, enough to heat 800 to 1,800 square feet of space.

High efficiency technology reduces wood consumption by up to 30 percent from traditional cookstoves, reducing fuel consumption, wood splitting and loading and letting users easily achieve an "overnight burn." Additionally, the Fireview’s three cubic feet oven is one of the largest on the market.

For further information, pricing and to order your Fireview today Call Rick @ 519-842-5290



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For further information, pricing and to order your Fireview today Call Rick @ 519-842-5290

Manufacturing time 2-3 weeks, stove orders to be prepaid, shipping quotes valid for 30 days. 

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, PEI, Yukon, NWT, & Nunavut Residents add 5% GST on orders. Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador Residents add 13% HST on orders. B.C. add 12% HST. Novia Scotia add 15% HST on orders. U.S. Residents Brokerage duty applies. Crating fee for shipping of 85.00. Orders to be pre-paid. Allow 2-3 weeks for the manufacturing of the stove. Stoves are UL & ULC approved. Call Rick at 519-842-5290 in Tillsonburg, Ontario for pricing & Shipping Quotes. Grate Restoration Stoveworks @ Book your order early to avoid further delays.







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