Flame View Wood Cookstove
This is one of the most popular stoves we sell and for a good reason. Manufactured here in Ontario, Canada you know where winters are a real test for any stove, the Flame View will endure heavy use! Margin not only designed the Flame View to be a very efficient stove in that it can heat your home, heat your water and cook your food, but they even made it look good! They have combined that old-time look and mixed it with state-of-the-art technology. For instance, the Flame View offers a unique draft control system that allows the heat to pass over the oven, then down and around the oven before it finally exits the flue. This design not only makes oven baking easier than in most wood cook stoves but it makes the most of heat convection and greatly reduces creosote build-up which can cause corrosion. The Flame View also has an exclusive “air jet” re-burn design that more efficiently and thoroughly burns your wood. This significantly cuts down on the amount of ash and creosote problems common in most airtight fireboxes.

Margin has made the first Amish cook stove with a glass firebox door that allows you to see the fire!! Traditionally, fireboxes are on the left side of the stove. Margin is the ONLY manufacturer that gives you the option to change the firebox to the right. With this option you can watch and enjoy the fire no matter where you need to place the stove in your home!

Imagine all this from ONE stove! And to top it off, the Flame View has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory, so you know you are getting a safe stove that has met the codes required for the industry.


Heating capacity of 2,000 square feet or more
Large, airtight firebox will take up to a 22 inch log for an all night burn
Side load firebox enables you to keep cooking or canning without moving pots
High-temperature glass firebox door lets you watch and enjoy the fire
Takes standard firebrick that is inexpensive and easy to replace and install
Dual bell draft supply for glass wash and fast start-up
Double-plated steel cook top for a strong and evenly heated cook top
Cast iron wood grate system
Exclusive “Air Jet” re-burn design
Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal
Porcelain exterior finish throughout, standard in black
Porcelain black oven interior
Nickel plate trim
Oven draft control to circulate hot air around oven
Ships with FREE Poker and ash scraper
Limited one-year warranty


Full warming closet or the warming shelf
Left OR right side firebox (exclusive only with the Flame View)
Cast iron top (available for stoves with left side fireboxes only)
Available in white, almond or black porcelain
Single OR double stainless steel hot water coil
2nd oven rack (comes standard with one rack)
Butter Plate Warmers on back splash (ornamental only)
Compact unit: 6 inches shorter than standard stove (the oven will be smaller, the firebox size remains the same)
10″ Electric fan & control (fits into the back of the stove and blows hot air out the vents in the stove front and side panels)
5 gallon water reservoir, copper lined (with or without faucet)
20 gallon water reservoir (back of stove) (with or without faucet)

SPECIFICATIONS:                                  WITHOUT RESERVOIR                      WITH RESERVOIR

Unit overall width                                         46″                                                             56″
Unit overall height                                        64″                                                             64″
Height to cooking surface                          34 1/2 ”                                                      34 1/2 ”
Cast iron cooking top size
(double plate steel over reservoir)            25×40″                                                        25 x 40″
Firebox size                                                22″L x 12″W x 18″D                                  22″Lx12″Wx18″D
Bake oven size                                           20″Wx20″Dx13″H                                     20″Wx20″Dx13″H
Exhaust flue size                                         7″                                                                7″
Reservoir capacity                                     N/A                                                              5 Gallons
Approx. heating capacity                          2000 Sq. Ft.                                                2000 Sq. Ft.
Approx. shipping weight                           650 LBS                                                      700 LBS
Safety tested to                                         ULC-S627                                                   ULC-S627
E.P.A.. Phase II Certified Cook stoves are exempt

Prices: Email or Call
Flame View Black
Warming Shelf
Warming Oven
Right Handed Firebox
Water Reservoir
Colour White or Almond
Hot Water Coil
Electric Fan Controls
Cast Iron Top
Extra Set of Fire Bricks
Free Breeze Fan
Black Glass Enamel Top