GEM PAC 2020 Cast iron cooking surface, the proven top from Grandma’s time. Airtight, bell Draft controlled fire box with cast iron grates. Exclusive “Air Jet” reburn design, greatly reducing creosote problems common in most airtight fire boxes. Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal. Copper water reservoir. Poreclain black oven interior. Poreclain exterior finish throughout, available in black, white or almond. Tested by Interteck Testing Services to ULC – S627/CSA B366.2m UL1482 standards * Note This model is on back order approximately 8 -10 weeks

The Gem Pac is Margin’s economy model. But you won’t sacrifice quality! What you will get is a great stove for a great price! It comes standard with the cast iron cook top that everyone remembers from Grandma’s time.

The Gem Pac has a top load, airtight firebox with a bell draft control and the “air jet” re-burn design, exclusive to Margin Stoves. This will allow you to enjoy a full night’s sleep without tending the fire in the middle of the night! Just load the firebox, get the house or cabin up to temperature, “shut down the stove “, by closing the drafts and head off to bed! Your Gem Pac will keep you warm and toasty all night and be ready to “fire-up” in the morning to cook a hot breakfast!

If the budget allows you can get the Gem Pac with all the options. The Gem Pac will burn wood OR coal! By ordering the Gem Pac standard in black with a optional warming shelf it is very cost effective. And just like all Margin Stoves it has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories as a safe stove that meets the industry standards.

The Gem Pac gives you, safety, quality and economy all in one stove!


Heating capacity of 1,500 square feet or more
Airtight, bell draft controlled firebox will take up to a 17 inch log for an all night burn
Takes standard firebrick that is inexpensive and easy to replace and install
Cast iron cook top for a strong and evenly heated cook top
Cast iron wood grate system
Exclusive “Air Jet” re-burn design
Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal
Porcelain exterior finish throughout, standard in black
Porcelain black oven interior
Nickel plate trim
Ships with free poker, lid lifter and ash scraper
Limited one-year warranty


Full warming closet or shelf only
Available in white, almond or black porcelain
Firebox hot water jacket
2nd oven rack (comes standard with one rack)
Butter plate warmers on back splash (ornamental only)
5 gallon water reservoir, copper-lined, with or without faucet
Air jets, liner and coal grate
Lay-on plate for wood burning


 WITHOUT RESERVOIR                               WITH RESERVOIR

Unit overall width                                                            40″                                                                      50″
Unit overall height                                                          62″                                                                      62″
Height to cooking surface                                            33″                                                                      33″
Cast iron cooking top size
(steel plate over reservoir)                                           24 x 35″                                                              24 x 35″
Firebox size                                                                    17″Lx9-1/2″Wx14″D                                          22″Lx9-1/2″Wx14″D
Bake ovensize                                                                20″Wx20″Dx13″H                                             20″Wx20″Dx13″H
Exhaust flue size                                                            7″                                                                        7″
Reservoir capacity                                                         N/A                                                                     5 Gallons
Approx.heating capacity                                               1500Sq.Ft.                                                        1500Sq.Ft. Approx.
shipping weight                                                             450 LBS                                                            500 LBS
Safety tested to                                                               ULC-S627                                                        ULC-S627
UL-1482                                                           UL-1482
E.P.A.. Phase II Certified Cook stoves are exempt

PRICES: E-mail or Call
Gem Pac in black
Warming Shelf
Warming Oven
Water Reservoir
Colour White or Almond
Extra set of firebricks
Free Breeze Fan
Black Glass Enamel Top

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, PEI, Yukon, NWT, & Nunavut Residents add 5% GST on orders. Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador Residents add 13% HST on orders. B.C. add 12% HST. Novia Scotia add 15% HST on orders. Crating fee for shipping. Orders to be pre-paid. Allow 8-10 weeks for the manufacturing of the stove. Stoves are UL & ULC approved. Call Rick at 519-842-5290 in Tillsonburg, Ontario for pricing & Shipping Quotes. Grate Restoration Stoveworks @ Book your order early to avoid further delays.