Pioneer Princess Wood Cookstove Range

Pioneer Princess (New Model)

The tried and proven Pioneer Maid is well known for its ability heat quickly and efficiently. Now you can enjoy the ease of a front load firebox and the efficiency of the Pioneer Maid all in one stove – The PIONEER PRINCESS!
We took the same basic design, and added a front load door, a thermostat and some other friendly features, and when we stepped back to look, she was a princess!
Cooks and bakes like a Pioneer Maid, but with these New Features:
Front loading door
Front ash door
Thermostatic Control
Shaker Grates
Accessory draft for easier fire starting
Thermostat Control Features
More even heat
Helps prevent overheating
Helps maintain firebed overnight
Accessory Draft
The Pioneer Princess uses the efficient downdraft to burn. Our accessory draft allows you to temporarily introduce air below the grates making it easier to start on cold mornings.
This stove is made by the Amish
This stove is UL listed.

SPECIFICATIONS :                                                 WITHOUT RESERVOIR                                            WITH RESERVOIR
Unit overall width                                                     45″                                                                                  55″
Unit overall height                                                    51 1/2″                                                                           53 1/2″
Height to cooking surface                                      32 1/2 ”                                                                          32 1/2 ”
Cast iron cooking top size
(double plate steel over reservoir)                       22 1/2 x 43″                                                                   22 1/2 x 52″
Firebox size                                                              18 1/2″ L x 13 1/2″ W x 18 1/2″ D                               18 1/2″ L x 13 1/2″ W x 18 1/2″ D
Bake oven size                                                         22″ W x 19 1/2″ D x 13″ H                                            22″ W x 19 1/2″ D x 13″ H
Exhaust flue size                                                      7″                                                                                     7″
Reservoir capacity                                                   N/A                                                                                  11 Gallons Optional
Approx. heating capacity                                         2000 Sq.Ft.                                                                    2000 Sq. Ft.
Approx. shipping weight                                         550 LBS                                                                         650 LBS
Safety tested to UL certification
E.P.A.. Phase II Certified Cook stoves are exempt

Front: 48″
Rear: 25″
Left Side: 25″
Right Side: 18″

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, PEI, Yukon, NWT, & Nunavut Residents add 5% GST on orders. Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador Residents add 13% HST on orders. B.C. add 12% HST. Novia Scotia add 15% HST on orders. Crating fee for shipping. Orders to be pre-paid. Allow 4-6 weeks for the manufacturing of the stove. Stoves are UL & ULC approved. Call Rick at 519-842-5290 in Tillsonburg, Ontario for pricing & Shipping Quotes. Grate Restoration Stoveworks @ Book your order early to avoid further delays.