Elmira Cooks Delight Electric & Gas Range

Elmira Cooks Delight Gas or Electric Ranges New

The ultimate in customization… each Elmira Stove Works appliance is custom crafted to your request. Choose the model, color, options and accents that suit your personal style and your cooking style. Our ranges offer several hundred combinations of styles, colors and features, and will truly be the focal point and center piece of your kitchen.

Ranges – Features
Elmira’s Antique ranges are loaded with state-of-the-art features to make your culinary experience more enjoyable, more convenient and more efficient. Besides our full-size self-cleaning ovens (link) and choice of cooktops, (link) you’ll also enjoy these features.

* Genuine Nickel Trims
AntiqueRangeControlPanClosedJust like the wood-burning cookstoves of years gone by, our Antique ranges are adorned with genuine Nickel trims (Antique Brass or Antique Copper trims are optional.)

“Stay Hot” Food Warmer (standard on 45″ ranges)
AntWarmerOpenNeed to keep a few items warm while finishing off those last dishes in the main oven? Simply flip a switch and the two cubic foot warmer maintains a temperature of 200° F. Doubles as a storage compartment when not in use.

* “Feather Touch” Electronic Control Panel
ControlPanOpenConveniently located at eye level in the upper cabinet. Touch the screen lightly to select oven mode, then touch “Start”. Oven temperatures are easily controlled from 100 to 500° F. Indicator lights on the control panel and cooking surface tell you which function is being used. The cooktop light and exhaust fan are also controlled from this panel.

Electronic Smoothtop Controls on STE Models

Electronic-smoothtopControlsHidden at eye level in the upper cabinet, maintaining the cooktop’s traditional appearance. This feature increases your usable cooking surface by almost twenty percent! Touch ON/OFF to turn a burner on or off. Select the up or down arrow to adjust temperature to any of eleven settings.

Ranges – Available Cooktops

Choose from traditional cast electric elements, high-speed radiant elements under ceramic smoothtops, high-efficiency sealed gas burners – or combinations of the three. Prefer a gas top and electric oven? You’ll love our “dual fuel” options.

*  Also Available are matching Antique Appliances, Refrigerators, Dishwasher, Microwaves

*  Contact us for further information request a Price List, Brochure, or Spec Sheet on Elmira's Antique Style Ranges.

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